Relaxing (TuiNa) Massage

Tui Na, our traditional massage, is primarily a relaxation treatment. Chinese massage was first developed to increase oxygen flow and help release of toxins from your muscles. It is one of the most popular styles for overall relaxation. This is an oil based full body massage, using gentle strokes to release tension and revive muscles, leaving you both invigorated and relaxed.

£35 for 30 mins  |  £45 for 45 mins  |  £55 for 60 mins

Chinese Deep Tissue

Our highly popular deeper massage uses techniques focused on re-aligning deeper muscle layers and connective tissue. Especially helpful in alleviating intense or chronic pains as well as strengthening and toning muscles. You will feel supple and rejuvenated!

£40 for 30 mins |  £50 for 45 mins  |  £60 for 60 mins


Our foot massage is performed by qualified specialists, applying pressure to specific reflexology zones on your feet, improving blood circulation which in turn helps with detoxification. As well as promoting the restoration your body’s natural healing process reflexology can be pleasurable and a highly relaxing experience, washing away many stresses of busy lives.

£45 for 30 mins |  £55 for 45 mins |  £65 for 60 mins

What To Expect

Our team of experienced, talented massage therapists are fully trained in Chinese TuiNa, Deep Tissue  and Reflexology techniques.

They take pride in adapting to your personal requirements and ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. They will also make sure that the treatment room, towels and shower facilities are always clean and comfortable.

Ready to book a Massage?

Just call  020 3089 5989  and prepare to relax and re-energise.